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Crush Velvet

3.44/5 (87 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 21/10/01
Follow Crush Velvet the worlds newest Black Action Superhero as he battles crime and runs into a "little" problem along the way. He's cool, he's fly, he's Crush Velvet !
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Russell on 25 June 2002
Bill Bridges, if you're still on the list, can you contact me at I'd like to chat with you! :D Thanks!
Carrion on 6 November 2001
Well, really not what I expected. I was expecting guns to be blazing and some 'cool catz' dancing. Aside from not seeing any 70's kick-ass chicks, the story is quite good. It has good humor, well constructed characters and is excellently animated. (****-)
the brown guy on 25 October 2001

Crush rocks!

i really like your style, Neat characters, cool little story, and a kickin' sound track. i hope we get to see more of Crush!
Maximillion on 24 October 2001
Wow! I just love that short! I hope there's more to come! talent like that shouldn't be wasted!
User-X on 23 October 2001
Awesome animation man! Great timing and poses. I love Crush Velvet, he has great character. Keep up the good work!
Bill B on 22 October 2001
Crush Velvet is alive and well and awaiting his next assignment. Hhhmmmm........?
scojo on 21 October 2001
I love this short! Really cool to see something so stylized. Reminds me of the 'Fat Albert' era.

Great animation too. Will you be making more shorts featuring Crush Velvet? (love the name).