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Life as a Popular Key

3.88/5 (89 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 27/10/01
A short story about a little E key character on the keyboard that comes up with a cunning plan to stop his stressful and much bashed life.
This is an MA piece by Nabil Nasr for De Montfort niversity
Leicester. The aim of the project was to come up with a new look to 3D animation.
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Volt19 on 21 April 2002
I loved it! I downloaded almost all the movies on this site, and so far this one is the short I liked the most! Thank you Nabil for the great work... Where is your homepage? I searched so long for other works done by you... :(
Ren on 6 November 2001
loved it... i just chucked a keyboard where my lw shortcut keys had no labels from being over used.

Carrion on 6 November 2001
Great script, great scene and good work in bringing out new techniques in 3d animation.

The scene itself, although innovative, is not very clean. The characters being animated also seem to loose their borders and the background remains outlined. This effect, if intentional, does not work well.

The facial expressions of the characters themselves could also be improved. Admittedly, this can be hard to do when character animating keyboard keys. Maybe richer character models could have been used with lower scene depth. (***--)
Nick on 5 November 2001
Great movie and good luck at the graduation ceremoney on wednesday. Sorry Ican't be there.

Nabil on 1 November 2001
if anybody here enjoyed watching this animation and would like to see a sequel, then i`m sure with some positive feedback it can be arranged!! Thank you all, for your patience while downloading it.
Rich on 31 October 2001
Very funny film, and great new style of 3D animation. it has character and thats what i like about it. great work!