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Star Wars : Episode 2

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donwloadUploaded on 3/10/00
This is a spoof ;) But it could have been the real one...

Checkout the new official one here
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Auna on 26 April 2002
Think this was a great Fake trailer but i do not think that he could have pulled this one without some help from someone inside like the footage of the actors in the second one for instance.It is true though you do see guys from braveheart with lifesabers."A" for quality "A" for deception but i think it was Lucas who ordered this fake to put some scandal out on the movie.
Fried Twinkies on 30 August 2001
Awesome... extremely well done!

Lord Vader on 31 July 2001
HHmmmm The force is strong with this one!
Jedi Knightress on 28 June 2001
I got the file from someone else without knowing it was a spoof..seriously thought it was real!! Great job!
thechosinwon on 16 March 2001
Hey...this guy is very creative....just to let you guys can observe most of the scenes with the characters were edited quickly....a very good spoof...there are many shots of this "preview" that can be taken from many favorite ONE this guy did was.... how he created the light sabers on THE BRAVEHEART MOVIE!....yes look very carefully again at that scene with all those guys carrying light sabers-that clip was from braveheart!--congrats and you could even see mel gibson if you look carefully.;)- ilike the creator of this one.
Brian on 25 February 2001
Very good for a fake. I did recognize a few clips from other movies though. An excellent job.
Exar Kun on 16 February 2001
I truly dont think that this is a spoof, because how did the
get the footage from episode 2, and all of the Lucas and Fox logos.
But if it is then it is a really good fake.
Stephen on 8 February 2001
This had me thinking it was great! I actually didn't read anything before i watched it and thought it was the reall thing how the hell do they do it!!!????
Alex Rules!! on 6 February 2001
#1 the best!!
frenchris on 30 January 2001
it would be cool to have video clip like mtv, but i don't know if it's legal( it must be internet it a media like an other one)
Cyphon on 29 January 2001
The most impressive fake (assuming it really is) that I've seen in a while. Whoever made this clip should be working for Industrial Light and Magic I think :-)
chek on 23 January 2001
man, there is a real trailer out there
i live in england and 4 krissmass they realesed a 4 vide boxed set with a sticker includes new trailer.
ive looked everywhere but cant findit...i wont buy another boxed set though!
Voxxer on 21 January 2001
Good for beeing fake...Should have added som voice to increase reality..(like "In a theater near you")
But where did he get all those other clips form?