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The Intro

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donwloadUploaded on 12/10/02
A short animation featuring a race between a Ferrari 360 Modena and a F-14 Tomcat. Basically a Parody of the stereotypical "intro" which really makes no sense unless inside some sort of context. Done for an awards show.
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Wild Wing 94 on 4 February 2004
To M109driver: I think it's rather interesting you mentioned Gone in 60 Seconds and The Rock as they are two of my favorite movies and both produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. The soundtrack used in The Intro played in the background is the gorgeous score written by Hans Zimmer in the movie Crimson Tide, another Jerry Bruckheimer movie. Zimmer also did an awesome soundtrck for The Rock. Check them both out to anyone who enjoyed the music to this cool little short animation.
jimmy on 18 January 2004
too old,any new movie
Jagger on 17 October 2003

The movie are the most great i've seen. The link don't work.
winak on 13 March 2003
hi all ,
i wanna really download some of ur movies for free
can i pop
Dx on 27 December 2002
wwwwwwwwhaaaaaooooooooowhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!
M109driver on 6 November 2002
EXCELLENT!!!!!! Worthy of eing part of a Hollywood action blockbuster. One of the best car chases I've seen yet. If you likes the car chases in Gone in 60 Seconds or The Rock, you will love it.