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Under the Ground / People

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donwloadUploaded on 13/1/02
A short experimental film that examines the dynamic nature of the London underground system and its impact on human psyche... For more visit the author's site.
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wakka on 23 January 2004
very inspirational work love it love it, making a film too and hope to do something similar...
Shtirlitz on 28 March 2002
Fliegen on 18 February 2002
It is cool, I felt something inside when I visit it
best regards
Pavel Ivanov | on 15 January 2002
Yeap the music from his 'the FINN movie, I included it in the credits...

This was a student project and I suck at making music so I had to find something somewhere that would suit the atmosphere/dynamics of the piece, the music gmunk used had the right tempo and composition and I was short on time to find anything else...
SN on 15 January 2002
Cool cuts, but wasnt some of the stuffs from
Hudsonic on 15 January 2002
A must see for anyone who uses the Tube on a daily basis.