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Virtual Guardian

3.74/5 (62 votes)
  by Ser En
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donwloadUploaded on 20/10/01
A virus had invaded into the computer system and start destroying the data files.
Liu Bei [a 2D image file], who piloting Sea Dragon [a 3D image file] is losing conscious as the virus begin to delete it's file structure.
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ShadowAssault on 3 August 2006
I really liked this. i got what was happenin gon jus tthe first watch.. i especially like when the robot was transforming.. for a whie ive been tryign ot model objects that would combine in a robot bu tno luck.. i commend you and ure team, awsome video
curmudgeon on 31 October 2002
Sorry, but I can't give this one a good rating.
If I hadn't read the description of what was
happening in this I wouldn't have been able to
figure it out. I had trouble following it even
knowing what was supposed to be happening.

To the author: These 2d images of guys keep
showing up. Who are they?
Why are they showing up? You cut between the
computer screen and the 3d imagery but there's
no way to tell if the scene has anything to do
with the one that came before it.

The transformers part where the robot assembled
was too long. Watching a robot assemble itself
isn't very interesting.

Comment Already! on 14 April 2002
The only reason I haven't downloaded this already is because there are absolutely no comments