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Le Cours d'Amour

3.44/5 (84 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 12/10/02
A very nice story about love from Daniel Mores !
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answer on 30 October 2005
La muasique c'est Moby, album Hotel piste 21
CoMMaNDaNTe on 18 April 2004
Anybody knows the name of the music? Simply perfect. Please, send the name to my email...

Thank you!
DD on 6 December 2003
this one makes me smile everytime i look at it :)
i think the music fits good to it as well
probably not the favorite of guys who only watch pow-zock-animations...*coughs at rude person*
and some of the best animations here are horrible underrated i think...
daniel mores on 19 December 2002
thank you for your comments.

my main focus was on setting the mood, creating a rather abstract, pointilistic world, and the camera movement. it was also my first try at character animation, so that's why the end is a little stiff.

regarding the music, i wish i had a little more time and could have had someone compose an original score.

i'll do it better next time :)
Sean on 29 November 2002
Very stylish work, with an almost euro-commercial look to it. The music was an unfortunate choice because it's been played to death, but the animation itself was quite charming. It's nothing earthshaking, but it still has an almost winsome quality about it that makes it work.
John Moore on 22 October 2002
I rather enjoyed it...The problem with animation sites/graphic forums and the such is that the only people voicing opinions seem to be imature, rude, and totally disrespectful individuals who need a better up bringing by their parents....I say if someone spends the effort to try hard and finish a project, that is good enough for me. Nice job on the short, I like it. I also have really started to dislike the whole process of voting and rating someones is expression...not a competition.
wes on 21 October 2002
this has as much appeal as your sister playinhg kissy face with barbie and ken dolls.