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donwloadUploaded on 1/9/02
This short is about the dream of an imaginative little girl. This is my first CG movie made in Maya. It takes five month to made it, during my free time.
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Dave on 5 December 2002
Excellent little short,well done. I enjoyed it immensely. As others have said, I too thought that the movment of the little girl, particularly her dress was superb. I am interesting in making computer animations too. How did you make your movie please Florent?
pixelwks on 9 September 2002
Loved the cloth movement.

A fun little piece.
coldbreeze on 8 September 2002
This was very good animation for your first one...
I injoyed it
inspiral on 2 September 2002
Storyline-wise, it's nothing earth-shattering.... but the movement on the little girl is superb. A backdrop may have made it more appealing but hey, I'm getting picky. It's a good clip.