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Going Home

3.37/5 (109 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 31/7/02
Going Home was a school project done in Raleigh, NC. This was my first attempt at 3d animation.
The softwares used were Maya 4 (educational version), photoshop, premiere, and sound forge.
I wanted to do something that was entertaining as well as educational. I have always been a big fan of Pocketmovies and would like to thank them for showing this short.
I hope everyone will enjoy it.

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Shakes on 24 September 2004
I think it's very cool, even symbolic of the native american culture.

Some say it gives glory to death.
I say to them: There is no honor in letting some one steal from you, weather it be land or heritage.
Your not glorifying death, maybe Self-Defense but not death.
Your animation could be better but I liked it.

An Anthropology Student, La.
wedge on 23 August 2002
Hey John, I work with Maya too... since version 1.0 on the sgi. I know that the app is not quite friendly. I know that it does not have the pre-made walkcycles of other apps. So, I know that in Maya you have to create all: modeling. rigging, animating, texturing, lightning, and so on. Thats why you deserve recognition too. Keep up your good spirit, research more about animation and apply all in future work. If you want useful tips and comments about your work put your it at They will be as honest as I am.
Good luck!
john moore on 22 August 2002
thanks wedge!with limited time at school and working full time...the best i could do.thanks for the tips!i am gonna keep working in 3d and trying harder.......thanks again
wedge on 22 August 2002
Sorry, maybe the content is ok, but the animation is very basic. When the character drops a thing it looks like there is no gravity there. There is a thing called accelerarion, and dynamics. Learn to use them.
The movement of the character lacks of secondary animation. Learn about anticipation. Work on your skeleton setup, create more complex skeletons, give your character more ways to behave.
When you move the camera, do it with a dramatic intention, not just because it looks cool. And keep and eye on breaking the view axis.
Even if this is a conceptual piece of work you should add more detail to the animation.
But... you did it, and guys around the world are seing it, thats why you deserve recognition.
Please continue working.
john moore on 21 August 2002
If the agents were did the Indians die at the event? I know this is the year of patriotism, but let us not forget that millins of Indians were murdered by our government. People still have a right to defend themselves and their way of life. I suggest you do a little more research on the matter before making opinions.
thank you
john moore
biblioteker on 20 August 2002
Gee... a tribute to a killer who massacred unarmed federal agents. How wonderful... Let's have tributes to Osama bin Laden and Abu Nidal next! Then we can do something for Mumia Jamal, and then go through death row looking for animals to glorify.
spiceguy on 17 August 2002
wierd man, wierd. sooo dark....
sourpuss on 6 August 2002
Not really suppose to be a plot or alot of action....a representation of Peltier being released. Not every animation has to have cute Disney characters or somebody getting killed or gross humor that lacks in substance or originality. Sorry you didn't like it.....
sbuclark on 6 August 2002
Boring, Boring, and why was boring? Music maybe and the(no)plot and very much action. Sorry so the bad review but give me a plot with lot's of action.
leslie on 2 August 2002
You kick ass!
bahaya on 1 August 2002
Hey John,
Congrats! Nice to see your movie here!