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Meeting Agnus
  • 3.69/5
(12:01) in Short Films
From award winning digital filmmaker Alexander Pappas comes Meeting Agnus.
Meeting Agnus is a beautifully haunting tale of old friendships, lost love and saying goodbye.

It is the story of Edgar, an elderly man who every year, once a year, travels back to his hometown to meet with an old friend. But things are not what they seem.

  • 3.89/5
(5:26) in Short Films
An homage to the work of Ron Fricke, Timescape is a day in the life of a city.
See the world evolve from sunrise to sunset.

Under the Ground / People
  • 3.50/5
(1:44) in Short Films
A short experimental film that examines the dynamic nature of the London underground system and its impact on human psyche... For more visit the author's site.

The Ugly Bug Ball
  • 3.19/5
(3:00) in Short Films
Ever wondered what happens to your things when they go missing? Here is your chance to find out.

  • 3.26/5
(4:46) in Short Films
A guy wakes up in a hotel room and knows someone wants to kill him. He retraces his thoughts and discovers his photo in a book saying that he was alive at the same age in 1948. Was he abducted by aliens? And what is that object hidden in the book? Shades of the X-files as he attempts to make a rendezvous with destiny.

Sally and Angela
  • 3.54/5
(12:01) in Short Films
SALLY AND ANGELA, a 35 mm, 12-minute film by director Mark Wilkinson, tells the story of one ill-fated pair of professional killers. If the siblings weren't cursed by their own ineptitude, thwarted by their 1970 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, and sick and tired of each other, they would be truly dangerous.
A tale of two hot headed Italians with too many guns around, SALLY AND ANGELA loves mafia action movies as much as it pokes fun at them.

VHS Availble at for just $9.95

For French people : le doublage fran├žais est dispo sur le forum

As it is a huge file you can watch the trailer on the official site.

  • 3.51/5
(4:56) in Short Films
'Blockbuster' is the story of two guys hot on the trail of three mysterious objects. Action, suspense and more action, 'Blockbuster' guarantees a wild ride and an unexpected ending.

405 The Movie
  • 4.31/5
(3:01) in Short Films
Be one of the millions of people who already saw it. This was made in only 3 months ! Many thanks to the authors who permit this file being here. See the official site for all details.

405 is available in VHS at for $9.95 !