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In Lausanne, come and see our Atelier Café Vélo TNCE !
Tabasco - Comet
  • 3.41/5
(0:30) in Commercials
God is having a Pizza and it is Armageddon on earth !

Time Avengers
  • 0.00/5
(4:33) in Short Films
Concept for animated TV Series

Typical Male Robot Behavior
  • 4.12/5
(6:17) in Animations
"Typical Male Robot Behavior" is a weekend/after hours project that I started in June 2001 and finished in May 2002. The story was developed out of my wish to exploit the antics that commonly take place in a bar setting. Marty the robot experiences a night out in a local space pub that gets out of hand. It may feel quite familiar to some of us "typical males"...

Superman Returns
  • 3.65/5
(2:30) in Trailers
Superman is back in this trailer !

Mission : Impossible 2
  • 3.31/5
(2:00) in Trailers
Mission Impossible: 2 Trailer

Something Fishy
  • 4.16/5
(3:11) in Animations
This story was based on an idea that I had about five years ago. We had a slow period recently - and we though it would be a good idea to create a short that showed the studio's current capabilities in character animation.
The story boards and model sheets were produced in a week, and the animation process took about three and a half weeks, with post visuals and sound, and music another week to ten days. The principle animation work took less than a month for three modler/animators and a tech director to
complete - we're quite proud of that.

We had a lot of fun producing this piece we hope people will have fun watching it.

-Ed Konyha, Creative Director, Brainchild Studios, Inc.

  • 4.11/5
(0:59) in Trailers
Matrix trailer

  • 3.98/5
(1:53) in Animations
When a little creature fights with man for just a little Apple ! All is good to gain the right to crunch the fruit, track race in the trees or movements lifting in any kind... It's going very fast !

  • 4.14/5
(5:39) in Animations
MANTIS, a CG, 5.5-minute film by Grzegorz Jonkajtys
A non commercial project that was completed in 9 months using Cinema 4D XL
6.1 software, hard work and long nights.

story design and animation: Grzegorz Jonkajtys
music: Piotr Lichwierowicz
sound: Grzegorz Jonkajtys and Jerzy Łabuda

Jurassic Park III
  • 3.97/5
(2:22) in Trailers
The new episode of the well known serie is coming out on July 18th
While waiting watch this trailer !

Alien Museum
  • 4.18/5
(5:59) in Animations
Are we been visited from outter space? What do they want? Are they really smart or they just look smart because they own a flying saucer? Watch this short and find all the answers.

Despicable Me
  • 4.00/5
(2:44) in Trailers
A master villain who is planning the biggest heist in the history of the world has just met his greatest challenge: three little girls named Margo, Edith and Agnes.

Starring: Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Will Arnett, Kristen Wiig
Kids/Family and Animation
July 9th, 2010 (wide)
Rating: Not yet rated.

Star Wars : Episode 1
  • 3.66/5
(2:28) in Trailers
Episode 1 Trailer

Cookie Blues
  • 4.19/5
(1:28) in Animations
Cookie Blues is a short about your average guitar playing, blues singing gingerbread cookies.
"It's made with 3dstudio max 3.1 and my mind. I made
it just for kicks and giggles. Enjoy!" -Jason Taylor

Post Industry Life
  • 4.02/5
(9:09) in Animations
The 9-minute story called “PostIndustryLife” contains a number of action jumps that remain deliberately incomplete, left to the spectator´s imagination. I love films with open endings, with action full of question marks. I was really inspired by some scenic compositions by UGRESS band, which impresses with its esoteric and mysterious character.

The Cathedral (Trailer)
  • 4.25/5
(1:30) in Animations
Trailer for the upcoming short film "The Cathedral"...
We are all loking for the answers. We are all lost. We are all waiting for the Architect.

  • 3.88/5
(2:21) in Animations
The film takes place in a robot factory, where to rejected robots ridiculously fight over a loose hand.

Shrek 4 : Shrek Forever After
  • 4.00/5
(2:30) in Trailers
The continuing adventures of the big, green ogre Shrek and his buddies, living in the land of Far, Far Away.

Starring: Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Julie Andrews, Antonio Banderas, Eddie Murphy
Kids/Family, Animation and Sequel
May 21st, 2010 (wide)
Rating: Not yet rated.

The Simpsons: The Movie
  • 3.48/5
(1:50) in Trailers
The trailer of : The Simpsons : The Movie.

  • 3.39/5
(1:04) in Trailers
The Catwoman movie trailer