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Where am I going ?
  • 3.61/5
(1:56) in Animations
A story about the frustrations of daily life

  • 3.21/5
(2:00) in Animations
Catch the funny antics of Flaco and Watone as they try to teach one tries to teach the fine art of Origami to the other.

I will follow him
  • 3.39/5
(1:16) in Animations
Moty created this short animation as part of his demo reel
using 3dmax.
"Hope you like it. It was fun doing it."

Easter Titans
  • 3.82/5
(2:44) in Animations
This little movie is about Easter Island. The author has always been fascinated by those mysterious giant heads on this island so he decided to make a short film out of it. As he says : "Hope you like it. Please enjoy! Btw. it was done in 3D Studio Max and it is my very first Demo Reel ^_^"

Le Petit Garcon
  • 3.31/5
(4:15) in Animations
Listen to the story of the Little Boy who's head was so heavy and who's mum was so worried...

(This movie is in French, subbed in English)

  • 3.05/5
(1:44) in Animations
When night falls over the big top, a different kind of performer steps up to the ring. The question is, could he ever step down from it?

  • 3.63/5
(11:47) in Animations
by Ani1
This short movie is about environment : il tells the importance of environment through their life.

Take 18
  • 4.01/5
(2:24) in Animations
"Animation Excercise: Take 18" is a take-off about one of those "must do" animation tests every animator goes through : A character lifting a heavy object..

  • 3.96/5
(4:00) in Animations
Meet a man who is known only by the name of Feldman.
Mr. Feldman is climbing a hill searching for something he has lost. Only you won't find what he's looking for in the cushions of any sofa. What he is looking for is one last chance to experience a memory from his childhood.
On this hill, however, Mr. Feldman is not alone and soon he may be given much more than just a memory.

Showreel 2001
  • 3.14/5
(3:12) in Animations
Showreel 2001 is based around 2 characters that do their thing in front of the camera. The first fella is "Spaceboy" who runs and jumps about in a space like fashion. The Second character is called "Monkey", and he has some amusing suspires for you to.

  • 3.90/5
(5:03) in Animations
Ethyl'hic is a study project done in 1999 by three French students of Supinfocom (Valenciennes, France) in 9 months using Max.
It tell us about the most weired dreams of a drunk man : wine-skiing, beautyfull mermaids, ...

Note : extra bonuses and DiVx version available at the original site.

19 Peel Street
  • 3.97/5
(2:53) in Animations
Nineteen Peel Street is a story about imagination.
The viewer is entertained with two notions, one of reality the other of fantasy. Despite their inherent differences, these conceptions share common boundaries within the mind of a child. Peel Street; being a part of my past, exists in a small suburban town just outside Toronto, Canada. It explores the importance of time and captures personal moments of childhood.
Reflecting on these moments throughout our lives, not only tell us where we are from, but who we really are.

  • 3.31/5
(22:59) in Animations
RAVEN : a Spawn-type character who returns from hell to hunt down renegade demons on earth who have aligned with a shadowy syndicate on Earth.
The film was done completely by me using an average desktop PC and 3D animation software.

  • 4.14/5
(5:39) in Animations
MANTIS, a CG, 5.5-minute film by Grzegorz Jonkajtys
A non commercial project that was completed in 9 months using Cinema 4D XL
6.1 software, hard work and long nights.

story design and animation: Grzegorz Jonkajtys
music: Piotr Lichwierowicz
sound: Grzegorz Jonkajtys and Jerzy Łabuda

Wishful Thinking
  • 4.00/5
(4:05) in Animations
Wishful Thinking is a 4 min CG cartoon telling the story of a desperate turtle that bumps into a magic lamp and gets a chance to change its life in 3 wishes.
Oren Ben-Tov is a student of "camera Obscura" college of art in Israel, in his 3rd year and has one more year to graduate.

  • 3.70/5
(2:22) in Animations
Perestroika was Created as a form of representing a sudden change. Though its Russian Political ties are evident, "perestroika", meaning restructuring, is to be taken in the more literal sense of the word. It is rather an individuals realization to change what he once believed to be something else. Aided by his aboriginal self, his actions threaten to throw the balance off current reality.

Fiat Lux
  • 4.08/5
(2:30) in Animations
Fiat Lux presents an abstract interpretation of the conflict between Galileo and the church using cutting-edge computer graphics research to create a virtual reconstruction of St. Peter's Basilica. Find out more at the Fiat Lux website:

The Great Fakir
  • 2.97/5
(3:44) in Animations
What happens when a screwball magician botches up the infamous saw-a-person-in-half trick? Let's just say, it ain't magic!

The Lunch
  • 4.09/5
(3:15) in Animations
"Lunch", a 3 minute CG film, is the comic tale of a man and his dog as they eat their lunch. Soon the man's disappointment with the same ol' sandwich leads him on a quest for a tastier meal.

The House on Dame Street
  • 3.69/5
(5:25) in Animations
a short story set in a world of pure chaos, of pure evil where people's heads are slightly bigger and hardly anything is reflective because it takes too long to render...

...the secret of eternal life has just been found...