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Lord of the Reticulum
  • 3.15/5
(3:04) in Animations
This is episode "zero" of an episodic drama set in the distant future. It is about a warrior of a conquering race who becomes sypathetic to the cause of the enemy.

  • 3.29/5
(0:45) in Animations
A trailer of a short film Mantis by Grzegorz Jonkajtys
A 6 min CG animation made using Cinema 4DXL on a Mac.

The Joust
  • 3.41/5
(3:50) in Animations
The Joust : a tale of direction.
Check on their site for much more details on this project and also for higher res videos files.

The Judgement
  • 4.06/5
(5:02) in Animations
A prisoner of war from a far away planet is chased to earth by an alien cop. After invading the earthly bodies and evolving for twenty-five years, the confrontation is ready to begin. There can be only one victor-only one judgement.

  • 4.05/5
(6:26) in Animations
Duality is our follow-up to Duel. Our intention was twofold: make a better Duel, while simultaneously making a different, more interesting Duel. This meant challenging ourselves. While Duel was shot on location in the dunes behind Pismo Beach, Duality is shot against bluescreen. Completely. There are no sets, no locations, and only two props. Read it and weep, George.

  • 3.69/5
(2:31) in Animations
Dennis the dog (the Java Noir hero) stars as both master and marionette, dancing to Charles Gounod's "Funeral March of a Marionette", better known as the theme from "Alfred Hitchcock Presents".

Lara Croft - The Hunter
  • 3.90/5
(5:39) in Animations
Lara Croft enters the world of anime in this
spectacular adventure. Contains scenes of nudity.
(37MB 512*218 DVD quality version available from official site.)

  • 4.24/5
(5:39) in Animations
Ornaments is a computer-animated short about a mischievous, little Christmas decoration with a hunger for some milk and cookies. To reach them he'll have to conquer his fear of heights, pull a few daredevil stunts, and make a bit of a mess along the way. The action and cinematography are closely choreographed to classical music for a delightful visual presentation, full of surprises and charm.

Sim Wars
  • 3.43/5
(4:43) in Animations
Imagine you've been working for months on the Titanic movie... Do not be surprised to see ships everywhere even near the Death Star :)

  • 3.56/5
(3:16) in Animations
Beware of the Spiders !

Last Mission Eatrh
  • 3.05/5
(2:19) in Animations
Take a ride into space !

Tronçonneuse Fever
  • 3.04/5
(1:36) in Animations
How to get rid of this meat stucked in your mouth ?

  • 3.72/5
(2:20) in Animations
Two musical robots with different tastes find a common enemy in a commercial mainstream-style musical robot. (Contains violence)

  • 3.55/5
(2:52) in Animations
Two guys in a truck arguing ! See how the faces expression are rendered.

Caterpillar Tracks
  • 3.82/5
(2:33) in Animations
Caterpillar Tracks is a black comedy about a caterpillar's struggle through life. An alliance of 3D, computer generated characters with live action backgrounds.

Tales of the Bar
  • 3.06/5
(4:22) in Animations
Three guys in a bar with different dreams and ideals in this Sci-Fi 3D animation.

Java Noir
  • 3.52/5
(6:03) in Animations
In this spoof of 40s noir films, Dennis the dog plays a world-weary veteran just back from WWII. Tired of drinking Uncle Sam's "fresh-perked monkey mud", all he wants to do is have a nice, hot cup of coffee. Before long, he's caught up in a twisted web of obsession and betrayal, as he vies with the dark forces of the Java underworld for a mysterious sack of coffee beans. Will Dennis prevail over mobsters, hit men, and a dangerous, straw-carrying Femme Fatale?

A Malaysian Friday
  • 4.16/5
(3:24) in Animations
This photorealistic CG animation will show you a normal day of a Malaysian man. You will be impressed by the sets : the trees, the house, the water, ... all seems so real.

  • 3.73/5
(4:23) in Animations
In 1603, the Tokugawa Shogunate was about to begin, and feudal Japan was to enter a new era of Peace. This was a time of great danger as the Elite Samurai family battled for power. Unbeknownst to them the future of Japan was to faught within a small rice paddy by a family of... rice... Samurice.

Ray Tracey in Tilt Movie
  • 3.73/5
(2:26) in Animations
2 Minutes, 1 Hovercar, a Thousand Obstacles. Ray Tracey, a sassy speed demon, has just two minutes to race and catch a screening of the Electronic Theater. Unfortunately for our heroine, she must evade the pursuit of the dangerous “Cop-Cycles” and “Heli-Cop-Ters”, who will spare no fire-power to stop her journey.